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Village of Long Reach
Photograph by Jan Adams
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Long Reach takes its name from the land grant of the same name,
patented to Major Edward Dorsey in 1695.


Most of the street names in all four of Long Reach's neighborhoods
are taken from the works of an American poet,
Robinson Jeffers.
PHELPS LUCK takes its name from the land grant, Phelps His Luck,
patented to Walter Phelps in 1695.

LOCUST PARK is derived from the land grant Locust Thickett,
patented to Richard Owings in 1688.

KENDALL RIDGE is most likely
derived from the land grant, Kendall's Delight, patented to Daniel Kendall
in 1701. No reference was found in file, but grant appears
on Dorsey's index.

JEFFERS HILL is named for Robinson Jeffers,
the American poet whose works are the basis of street names in all
four Long Reach neighborhoods.

in Long Reach Village

TREOVER development is named for the land grant patented to
John Jones in 1701.

JACKSON POND is named in memory of Howard Jackson, a Locust Park
resident who had volunteered on a number of village projects and
died in June 1978. It had formerly been called Hittman Pond after the
engineering firm which developed it.

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